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Around 96% of the people I work with have never had a hypnotic state of mind deliberately induced in them before. Everyone has been in a trance at some point in their lives but they haven’t called it a “hypnotic trance”. You might have called it being “off with the fairies” or being on “autopilot”.

These states of mind happen to most of us on a daily basis. All I will do is deliberately invoke that natural state of mind you have only accessed accidentally in the past. Using this focused relaxation it is possible to think and feel differently.

That is why I have created this free gift for you, so you can hear for yourself what I sound like when I am working and what it might feel like for you to be in a hypnotic trance.

If you want to just listen right now click play on the audio player below and sit back and relax.


If you would like to download the 30 minute relaxation MP3 just fill in the form below and I will send you a copy for you to keep.

When you work with Focused Hypnosis you get:

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