hypnotherapy sheffield reviewReview: “I went to see Richard to help me overcome my fear of flying. This had gradually been building for some years and had got to the point where I was really losing control. A series of upcoming business trips prompted me to make the first move.

From the outset I was impressed with Richard’s professionalism and his knowledge is complemented by a natural ability to empathise and put you at ease.¬†As I had so many flights coming up I was able to have a couple of sessions with Richard and then “test ” the results.

They were very impressive and I was completely relaxed on the flights until we hit some very severe turbulence on the final one. I returned for one more session and now feel confident that I have the strategies to cope with most situations.

I have taken two flights since, one was a bumpy landing in strong wind, and I was very comfortable. I have recordings of all the sessions so I can “top up” my sessions should I feel the need in the future. My only remaining question is why did I wait so long before seeking help?”

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